Going to train when you don’t want to: true or false good idea?

Between heading to training or giving yourself a break, your heart swings. And for good reason, from the pride of having succeeded in motivating you to move, to the guilt of sitting as king queen on the sofa, there is, literally, only one step! How to dissociate a real need for physical and mental rest, false excuses fighting valiantly in the service of laziness? We suggest you play your cards on the table, so that going to training (or not, for that matter) is never a puzzle again!

Plead not guilty to guilty pleasure

The sofa is your guilty pleasure. You passionately like to sink into it, your feet curled up on your side, the TV on or a good book in your hands. Yet, when you are there, you are not really there. Blame it on the reproaches that wage war at rest. “You could still have made an effort! It’s not much to go workout, what a lazy you do! For the trouble, you will be deprived of tasting ”. Let it be said once and for all: the snack does not (ABSOLUTELY) work.

When you feel guilty, it’s your whole body that goes under stress, and what better remedy for stress than gluttony? None. So, by wanting to punish yourself at all costs, you end up giving in to the unique temptation that you forbid yourself … that the technique is not famous, worse: counterproductive. STOP!

The sofa shouldn’t be synonymous with weakness, but comfort. If you feel like you neither have the strength nor the inclination to go to training today, so be it. Take advantage of this well-deserved break to appreciate the rest at its true value. And speaking of value, there is nothing evil, shameful or revolting about rest. On the contrary, it allows you to recharge your batteries, to recover, and to create a lack of sport to start afresh. Also, sometimes, it is better to know how to stop without feeling guilty rather than persisting to continue until disgusted. In this way, the sofa as the sport both become pleasures … Not-guilty!

Forge your mind in training

Training is THE place to be. The place where it all happens, where it all begins, is built, and explained. Behind the scenes behind the curtain, the boxes closed to the public, the shade, where everything is not always pretty, where everything is prepared in secret, where success is built on failure. Training is the submerged face of the iceberg, the magnitude of which is often underestimated, because invisible, but which does exist and which keeps the whole edifice afloat . Training, when you have ambition, that’s it. We are not talking to you about becoming a top athlete, dominating a discipline, achieving a world feat. We are simply talking to you about fulfilling a goal, YOUR goal: a long road strewn with pitfalls, and on which you have to know how to keep moving forward, look beyond the difficulties, at all costs.

And think again, these are not the workouts in which you will display the shape of your life, a successful sharpening, and an unwavering mind, that you will progress. The workouts that will change you forever, take you a step further, bring you closer to your goal, are the workouts in which you will be tired, maybe demotivated, the workouts that you will hesitate to go to, but workouts that you will still go to, and that you will be proud to have accomplished.

Imagine yourself racing, you’re in the middle of the mountain, barely halfway through your hundred kilometer trail. You suffer a terrible slack. You have two options: give up or continue. What choice do you think you can make if you’ve never “done violence” to yourself to go to workout before when you didn’t want to? On the contrary, what choice do you think you can make if you know exactly what it feels like to be helpless, exhausted, but to pursue your quest despite everything? The question does not arise twice. Give yourself the means to awaken the strength of will within you in training, in order to awaken it in competition.

Going to train must always (For Real Athletes Only anapolon 50) bring you something. Sport gives you back what you give it. Also, the day you give it reluctantly, sport , far from being fooled, unmasks you. From the moment when doing sport becomes a constraint, an annoyance, even a chore, you can be sure (without having to feel guilty for all that) that your desire to skip your training is, no only legitimate, but essential! It depends on the survival of your love of sport, a sacred thing with which we do not joke.

Don’t go to training when you feel the urge to rest, that’s okay. Take this opportunity to recharge your batteries, your next workout will be all the more desired and appreciated.

On the other hand, going to training when you initially didn’t want to is a great lesson in learning how to deal with the critical moments that can arise in competition, and in life everything. short. After all, listening to the voice of positivism ( the one that says everything is possible and achievable ), and not the one that fears challenges, the taste for effort, and a job well done, doesn’t never hurt anyone! Right?

So, is it finally a good idea to go training when you don’t feel like it? Yes. Or not. Finally, it is up to you. Listen to yourself carefully, the decision will be open to you. The answer lies within you. Trust yourself!

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