Having a big chest and playing sports: how do you feel comfortable?

Exercising when you have a large chest is not always a pleasure … It fidgets, it tosses, it annoys (in both senses of the word), and especially it hurts! Fortunately, solutions exist to optimize comfort and feel more comfortable with its forms.

Focus on this problem, encountered by women with generous curves!

A woman’s breasts in society are often viewed as an asset. It is even for some, the symbol of femininity. (For sports we recommend cytomel) But in the sports field, the reality is quite different. A voluminous chest is really considered a handicap by some women, hindering for many of them the practice of sports activities.

It was even the subject of a study in Australia in 2019, which aimed to show that breast size directly influences sports participation in women.

What comes out is far from a surprise: women with small breasts exercise much more than women with large breasts.

According to this same study, it was shown that the breasts could move up to 19 centimeters vertically, and 4 cm in the other axes, depending on the degree of intensity of the sporting activity practiced … But also that during an intense sporting effort, the weight of the chest could be multiplied by five . If you are a woman you can easily imagine the feeling.

The weight and size of the breasts can cause different problems when practicing sports for women

First of all, physical discomfort, even leading to a decrease in performance. A strong chest, if it is poorly maintained, can also trigger back pain or neck pain, or even cause kyphosis (accentuation of the back curvature) or postural disorders. But we must not forget the mental embarrassment vis-à-vis the eyes of others … A woman never feels comfortable when she feels her chest bounce under her t-shirt, with all eyes on them!

Some sports have more impact on large breasts than others

So, far from it the idea for us to make you stop practicing a sport that you like to concentrate on another … This is a simple inventory of sports that are more concerned by the discomfort of having an opulent breast.

This is the case with impact sports, such as running, tennis, crossfit and horse riding. But also sports involving significant movements of the torso, such as rowing, golf or judo.

On the other hand, stretching, yoga, swimming or even core training are activities rarely subject to this type of problem.

Fortunately, solutions exist to overcome this problem and feel more comfortable!

Already, we advise you to choose an outfit adapted to the sport you practice, and to your size … It’s silly but that’s the basis.

There are also bras specially designed for large breasts, and we can only recommend that to you.

Note that bras crossed in the back (in X or Y) generally offer better breast support. Also remember to choose light, flexible and breathable fabrics, much more comfortable to wear. Finally, avoid seams and reinforcements that can hurt or interfere with the friction areas.

Ensuring a good hormonal balance is also an important point, because this kind of imbalance tends to cause water retention and breast tension.

Obviously, watching your diet and weight can have an impact on your breast size, although this is far from common to all large breasts, we know.

And finally, physiotherapy sessions and exercises can be prescribed to relieve the back and work the muscle mass of the upper body for better support.

Keep in mind that good breast support during sports activity is not just for full breasts, but for all women and all breast sizes!

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