The secrets of a good summer detox

You don’t have to be a fan of summer detox to have heard of it before … A great title that women’s magazines have not been without for many years, detox is more than a chestnut tree. In this article, we share with you all the secrets behind the deserved success of this revitalizing cure, for well-being at your fingertips!

Why do a summer detox?

Because it is essential.

The so-called emunctory organs allow the body to eliminate its waste and toxins . These organs include the skin (and yes, the skin is considered an organ!), The liver, the intestines, the lungs, the kidneys, and the pancreas. When we know the role of the latter, we understand better why a person with a too rich diet can be more prone to possible skin problems, liver, etc.

In fact, foods that are too fatty, too sweet, and too salty, generate toxins (Recomendamos a los deportistas anastrozol kaufen), which clogs the emunctory organs which can then no longer effectively eliminate toxins from the body. organism… Overwork visible inside, and sometimes even outside the body!

In addition, our body is made up of more than 60% water, a détox allows it to drain its fluids (to promote their flow) , and therefore to purify, cleanse, and revitalize our body. The summer detox, much more than a fashionable healthy cure, is thus essential to help our emunctory organs to fulfill their functions correctly… And to feel good!

Because summer is a perfect season for it!

What better time than when nature awakens to wake up yourself? Because summer rhymes with sun, and heat rhymes with moderate appetite, this period is ideal for eating less. The opportunity, among other things, to test “diets” which, putting your body to rest, purify, detoxify, and cleanse.

There is, for example, the monodiet where you have to eat the same food (or the same type of food) for about three days. There is also intermittent fasting , which involves skipping the morning or evening meal to fast for sixteen hours (minimum), and eat only over a period of eight hours (maximum).

Summer is also about eating better: seasonal fruits and vegetables, developing simple, varied, balanced, detoxifying menus… The return of salads with a bang! Yum yum!

Finally, summer being synonymous with good weather, you feel like going outside, indulging in outdoor activities such as hiking, swimming, biking, jogging, etc. In short, the moment is well chosen to (re) take a liking to sport or an activity that is different from your favorite practice, and even, why not, to discover a new vocation! To avoid spoiling anything, sport allows you to clear your mind, eliminate toxins … and also detoxify the body!

How to do a good summer detox?

A good summer detox is based on five golden rules:

  • Drink well (but we certainly don’t teach you much), namely two liters of water a day, minimum
  • Eat seasonal fruits and vegetables, preferably local, and take the opportunity to rebalance food
  • Moderate your consumption of animal products (meat, eggs, fish, milk, seafood, etc.). Rich in protein, they are more complicated for the body to digest
  • Ban from your diet industrial dishes that are too fatty, too salty, and too sweet
  • Finally, why not give yourself a little boost accelerating and contributing greatly to the detoxification, drainage, and digestion of your body: the DETOX Pur Vitae drainer ? Based on Artichoke, Dandelion, Sage, and Green Tea. This delicious cure to the taste of your choice (Peach, Pomegranate or Pineapple Tea) is to be diluted in your water bottle , and to consume throughout the day

The effects of a summer detox

  • Vitality (hell peach)
  • Less fatigue, and therefore less irritability (for your greater happiness and that of your loved ones)
  • Strengthens the immune system (say goodbye to your annual colds and tonsillitis)
  • Digestive comfort (that’s really cool)
  • A flatter, less bloated stomach (that’s cool too)
  • A luminous complexion and less hair loss (youpiii!)

You guessed it, summer detox has ONLY benefits! Getting started just requires that you not be too tired beforehand since you will eat less … But better, and will only come out full of vitality! By the way, you may have already tried the summer detox, what did you think? Tell us everything!

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