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What if you focused on yourself rather than others?

Criticism of others, whether positive or negative (and even constructive), is constantly (or at least mostly) easy. We evaluate, appreciate or belittle, the value of the actions of the other without even realizing it. Sometimes laudatory, sometimes offensive, our judgment is only skimping and not in the lace. This judgment is meant to be crude, although sometimes obsolete. While we judge others instantly (sometimes, and even often wrong) and with no point of comparison other than themselves, we are nowhere near as kind to our own people.

Indeed, when we observe ourselves in a mirror, unconsciously or consciously, it is not our image that we are detailing, but our reflection COMPARED to that of others.

How do we detach ourselves from this blurred, tainted, and distorted vision that seems to stick to our skin? How (finally) see ourselves for who we really are? And how do you learn to love each other (yes, yes, do you imagine that is possible)? Take a look!

Be inspired by the other … as long as it does not turn into obsession

The other, sometimes adulated, sometimes hated, is nevertheless rarely understood for what he really is in REAL life. Yes, because we don’t know the other one, otherwise we would simply name him by his first name, of course! The other seems light years away, yet at the same time so close, the fault of social networks. On his personal pages made public, the other shares his training, his challenges, his achievements. His perfect life. But on the other hand, we only know what he wants to show us. On the other hand, the side is unknown to us, because the social face of the other is not the other.

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The other is not us, it is thus easier to love, to admire, to envy. The other is not us, too, everything works for him (at least everything seems to be working out for him), and when this is not the case, the other is excused and bounces back. The other ? We often find ourselves clicking on his profile, scrolling through his virtual life in front of our amazed eyes, dreaming of being him. The other inspires us, because the other is not us. Besides, what could we admire about us? Well, don’t forget that you too, for others, you are the other. Which brings us to the following question: why do we focus so much on the other than we not even know? Why focus all our energy on the other, who is putting his own to fully realize himself? Why not follow the example of the other by living our desires too? Why not become Someone (you will note the capital Q, please) without worrying about others?

Take stock of what you have already accomplished and what you want to accomplish

Let’s put it down straight away: there will always be someone faster, faster, more muscular, more enduring, and stronger than you. Whether that person was born, passed away, lives on the other side of the world or just around the corner. But let’s be clear: this in no way diminishes your worth, your qualities, what you have accomplished, and the goals to which you aspire.

“I’m not going to run a marathon, I’m going to be ridiculous”, “go to the gym, me? Did you see me? What am I going to look like next to the athletes who train every day? ” These sentences, we no longer wish to hear them. They do not deserve to be uttered, and indeed have no legitimacy, in any mouth, and under no pretext. We’ve all accomplished something we can be proud of, even though pride is a feeling we still struggle to make room for. (For sports we recommend boldenon kur) Raising our children, exercising a fascinating and fascinating profession, dedicating ourselves body and soul to the well-being of our loved ones, without counting our hours, etc., no need to be high-level and long-standing athletes to measure the scope of an effort, since we have all already accomplished several. How would sport be a fundamentally different challenge from those we have faced in our lifetimes?

Don’t hide from the eyes of others by going to practice during off-peak hours. No longer hide behind the fear of imaginary defeat before you even try. Do not deprive yourself of sport. You are able to accomplish what you dream of at night. Now the day has risen, get started!

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So, have you finally decided not to focus on what other people are doing and to focus on what you do, on what you have accomplished, and on all the possibilities available to you? you?

There are enough others, just be yourself!

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