Food supplements for trail running, what for?

Often long and tiring, the trail generates significant muscle and joint strain. So what would you say to relieving and helping your body to conquer exertion, by simply taking food supplements adapted to its needs? Shall we show you?

Before the trail

Preparation is an essential step that should not be overlooked since it largely determines the outcome of your race. Here is an overview of our pre-trail essentials.

Our ORGANIC ENERGY * capsules are composed of 100% organic Maca from the mountains of Peru, Ginseng 100% organic from the mountains of northern China, and Guarana. These plants, all having anti-fatigue virtues, together form an effective booster. ORGANIC ENERGY * thus enables you to strengthen your immune functions (in particular by providing you with better resistance to the cold), to stimulate your cognitive functions during your bouts of fatigue, and to better resist stress. In short, it’s just a good dose of natural energy!

MOBILITY SYRUP * is an ideal ally to prevent and fight against joint pain. Thanks to it, preserve your cartilages and consolidate your ligaments and tendons in order to gain suppleness and flexibility, and therefore, in everyday comfort!

Our ORGANIC COCOON * capsules are made from Rhodiola (soothes the body without exciting effect), Chlorella (eliminates toxins ), and Baobab (natural antioxidant). They promote the quality of sleep and calm the most stressed among us.

Finally, you can dilute an ampoule HYDRATION* in a bottle of 300 ml of water and drink it throughout your trail to prevent future loss of nutrients caused by the effort.

During the trail

Due to the demanding nature of the trail, this long, intense and continuous effort, the trail runners, while perspiring, undergo significant losses of nutrients. Dehydration, cramps, and other discomforts are the consequences of inadequate hydration. Remember that water, being hypotonic, does not compensate for sodium loss. This is why our isotonic HYDRATION * ampoules precisely fill these mineral losses. They are also rich in vitamins and provide deep hydration of muscle tissue.

Our POWER OXYGEN *, meanwhile, give you a boost when the effort becomes heavier, you lack energy, or muscle acidosis (sensation of burning muscles) is felt.

After the trail

Just because your trail is over does not mean you have to relax your efforts and stop taking care of your body by providing it with the supplements it needs. Also, once your Past goal, in order to recover well and be ready to resume training, we advise you to continue your ORGANIC ENERGY *, MOBILITY * SYRUP, and COCOON * cures.

You can also adopt our ORGANIC RECUP * tablets based on Spirulina (rich in vegetable proteins) and Fenugreek (facilitates post-exercise digestion). Indeed, these are designed to optimize recovery, reduce muscle soreness, and promote nutrient assimilation and digestion after exercise.

If our food supplements are to remain supplements to a rich and healthy diet, The latter are nevertheless essential for the trail runner who wants to optimize his performance and take care of his heavily used body. Because, after all, why shouldn’t your body, too , right to some attention? He deserves it, don’t you think? 😉

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