Make your bodybuilding equipment to play sports on vacation

Going on vacation and don’t have enough room in your car or suitcase to carry your weight training equipment? Have you decided to stay quiet at home for the holidays and your gym is closed? We have looked for (and found!) Alternatives so that you can continue to train efficiently and simply in DIY (Do It Yourself) mode. Go!

The arms

To perform bicep curls without dumbbells, use water bottles or milk bottles. Depending on your level and your daily desire, you can vary the content of your homemade dumbbells: from water, sand, or pebbles, for more or less weight, and adjust the amount for more or less difficulty. Tin cans also make excellent dumbbells . We also suggest that you recycle your old socks in order to make them weights. To do this, grab your socks (no holes, otherwise it won’t work!), Stuff them with sand or dry beans, then tie them around your wrists. Finally, by swapping your elastic for old tights, rowing is quite accessible to you!

Legs and buttocks

To indulge in swings, hips, or squats, exchange your kettlebell or dumbbell for a can of laundry more or less full depending on the level of difficulty desired. Squats, adductions , abductions, and leg raises (side or rear) are also possible by using old tights to the detriment of your elastic. You can also perform knee climbs by tying your sock weights at your ankles. Finally, street furniture is a perfect replacement for weight machines: a wall to make the chair, stair climbs and bench climbs to work the quadriceps, and voila!

The full body WOD

For a full body training, and provided you are a seasoned athlete, nothing beats a tire! By turning it over or hanging it on your waist, every part of your body (including your mind) is called upon! The legend also says that exercising the tire is ideal for relieving stress and waiting serenely while waiting for the tow truck … Because it is well known that a car breakdown on vacation is friendly, much funnier, and that makes an extra anecdote to tell your family, friends, and colleagues when you get back from leave! Enough with the jokes. For fans or those uninitiated to bodyweight training, the holidays are also the perfect opportunity to perfect push-ups on the floor or on chairs (preferably non-wobbly …!) .

The abdominals, the core … and the stretching!

You may be a passionate athlete, you have the unfortunate tendency to abandon the abs to go have fun on the machines. “It’s true, it’s more fun! If we don’t even have the right to have fun anymore! ” Calm down, now is the perfect time to catch up with you now that you’re away from your weight room. Wedge your feet under your bed or under your sofa, and do chest raises. Is the posture too simple for you? In this case, you have a wide choice of exercises to try: wallet, pelvic readings, crunches, etc.

You also sulk the sheathing, and yet, it is essential in addition to being varied: static, dynamic, balanced on one arm and on the opposite leg, from the front, on the sides, on the hands or on the elbows, it does not are not the positions that are lacking! In fact, when it comes to stretching , it’s exactly the same thing: the moment is always a good time to get started, and each time it is without material constraints. Your old tights or an old bicycle inner tube are enough, you just have to slip your makeshift elastic under your foot to bring your outstretched leg towards your chest when you are lying on your back. Too easy (or not, but it feels good)!

Sport outside the weight room, sport at home or away from home, and sport on vacation: it is possible. You can quickly and easily put together a great workout … all you need to do is use a little imagination!

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