Can we get less sick thanks to sport?

Weight management, quality of sleep , slowing of aging, reduction of stress, self-esteem … The list of beneficial effects of sport on the individual is long. By the way, did you know that sport also has an influence on the immune system?

Decryption of the impact of sport on our health!

How does the immune system work?

The immune system is the heart of our body’s defenses. It is he who fights on a daily basis against various attacks from external pathogens, such as microbes and viruses.

This “immunity” can be caused or helped, by vaccines for example. Or it can be natural, also say “innate”. And it is this natural immunity that will be stimulated when participating in a sports activity.

The impact of sport on the immune system

Scientific studies have shown that exercise helps the immune system to function properly. (Recommended for athletes pharmacom labs) Small infections of the throat, nose and ears can be greatly reduced through the practice of a sport of moderate intensity , from 30 minutes to 1 hour per day, 3 times per week.

But why? In fact, when you exercise, the body creates adrenaline during exercise, which increases the level of white blood cells in the blood . And these globules are important because they are the ones that attack microbes, and therefore protect us from disease. In addition, blood circulation is stimulated during physical activity. This then allows the various substances of the immune system to circulate more efficiently in the body.

Be careful, however, to find a good balance, so as not to cause the opposite effect!

The sport practiced in a too intensive way, even stressful, will have the opposite effect. Because stress is the arch enemy of the immune system!

Let’s explain. Stress activates in the individual the release of stress hormones (cortisol, endorphins, etc.) in his body. Stress caused too repetitively, generates what scientists call “an open window” , a period of one to three days during which the defense system is vulnerable to respiratory tract infections.

Moreover, another study shows that top athletes are more prone to infections. Their immune systems are weakened after competition or intense training, making them more vulnerable to infections.

The golden rule: “practice physical activity in moderation, without stress and complement each other well to recover more quickly ”

So be careful, we don’t tell you that by going to the gym 3 days a week you are never going to get sick again! But small ailments can be lessened. And don’t forget that a good immune system also comes with a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle. So, ready to do battle with viruses and microbes?

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