How do you know if you are lacking vitamins?

Brittle nails, hair loss, vision problems … What if you lacked vitamins?

Each unusual symptom has its associated vitamin, or rather, a deficiency in the latter to fill. Moreover, several causes can be at the origin of a deficiency: a change of season, an unbalanced diet, a dysfunction of the body, etc. In this article, we therefore help you identify the vitamin you are lacking by observing your possible symptoms. Here we go!

Vitamin A, or beta-carotene

Vitamin A was the first vitamin to be discovered, hence its name, the letter A, which marks the beginning of a long list!

Beta-carotene is found, among other things, in the retina and therefore plays an essential role in vision. Vitamin A also helps cell renewal, and therefore, good healing of the skin. And because it helps build antibodies, it is essential for the functioning of the immune system *. You can find vitamin A in foods such as apricots, carrots, sweet potatoes, spinach, melon, etc. *.

Vitamin C, or ascorbic acid

Vitamin C, on the other hand, contributes to the formation of collagen, a protein that ensures bone and nervous system health . Ascorbic acid deficiency is expressed by slow healing, dry skin, soft and / or brittle nails, weak immune defenses, unusual fatigue, drowsiness during the day, as well as joint pain and muscle *. Since vitamin C is eliminated in the urine, its daily intake is essential. Also, you can be sure to find this vitamin in fruits and vegetables: guava, parsley, kiwi, broccoli, papaya, orange, etc *.

Vitamin B1, or thiamine

When vitamin B1 is not sufficiently present in your body you can suffer from loss of appetite, severe fatigue, as well as weight loss *. Thiamine contributes to the functioning of the nervous system, muscular , articular, and cardiac. It helps to ensure a normal energy metabolism and facilitates digestion . Sunflower seeds, soybeans, poppy seeds, pistachios, ham, chorizo, etc. *, are among the foods rich in vitamin B1.

Vitamin B2, or riboflavin

Riboflavin takes part in the production of red blood cells and thus ensures normal energy metabolism of iron. It is ideal for hair and skin health by preventing skin aging. Vitamin B2 deficiency manifests itself in skin lesions, chapped lips, as well as eye disorders such as hypersensitivity to light *. This vitamin is found in organ meats, dairy products, fish, eggs, mushrooms, etc. *.

Vitamin B5, or pantothenic acid

Pantothenic acid contributes to the synthesis of steroid shop hormones, vitamin D, and certain neurotransmitters. It accelerates the healing of the skin, and the growth of nails and hair. A lack of vitamin B5 can cause insomnia, leg cramps, tingling and / or numbness of the hands and / or feet, fatigue, intestinal disorders, and a weakened immune system *. Vitamin B5 is present in organ meats, mushrooms, hard-boiled eggs, etc. *.

Vitamin D, or calciferol

Because it promotes the absorption and use of calcium and phosphorus by the bones, vitamin D is essential for bone health. It also strengthens the immune system, hair , and nails. Symptoms of vitamin D deficiency may include fatigue, muscle weakness, brittle bones, cramps *. Calciferol, also called “vitamin of the sun”, is precisely and in particular synthesized thanks to the sun. It is therefore important to know where to find this vitamin when the beautiful days are no longer here . Fish (salmon, tuna, sardines, etc.), egg yolks, dark chocolate, whole cow’s milk, etc. * are among the foods that contain vitamin D.

As you may have noticed, there are recurring symptoms of vitamin · s deficiency: weak immune defenses, excessive and abnormal fatigue, brittle nails, hair loss, etc. *. Also, before any of these symptoms are expressed **, we advise you to perform two cures (thirty days) per year (one before / during summer, and one before / during winter, for example) of our Vitamin and Mineral COMPLEX ***. Our product is enriched with 15 minerals and vitamins, including those developed in this article. Enough to allow you to live serenely and full of vitality the coming season! And you, have you already tested?

* The lists of symptoms related to deficiency, as well as the lists of foods in which each vitamin can be found are not exhaustive.

** If symptoms persist, medical advice is required.

*** This product does not replace a varied and balanced diet.

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