What if making bed in the morning improved our athletic performance?

Studies show that people who make their beds are more productive and happier than others. Basically, making your bed would have a real impact on your life! What if it also had an impact on your athletic performance?

Making your bed in the morning, a habit that intrigues, inspires, and generates a lot of ink

  • The Best Mattress Brand website carried out in April 2020, a study on 1000 people. They interviewed 500 people who make their beds every morning, and 500 others who don’t… And the result of a series of trivial questions is firm: people who make their bed in the morning would be happier than others!
  • In 2014, Admiral William McRaven – who led the bin Laden capture operation – delivered a speech to graduate students at the University of Austin in Texas. He then explains to them that making their bed in the morning gives them a feeling of immediate accomplishment, which will have an impact throughout the day. A simple little morning gesture, from which follows a succession of other positive tasks. He will try in his speech, to convey the following message: every little thing in life! The latter even wrote a book: “If you want to change your life … start by making your bed”.
  • Charles Duhigg, author of the Pulitzer Prize-winning book “The Power of Habit”, says bed making increases productivity and strengthens ability to stay on a budget.
  • But also the Hunch.com website, the Psychology Today magazine … We have lost count of the number of studies and stories on the subject! And all come together to say that making your bed is an innocuous little habit with a lot of impact on our daily life!

Indeed, what emerges from their speeches or the results of the studies is that making your bed allows you to start the day on the right foot, and mentally prepares us for what awaits us for the rest of the day. A small gesture that is easy to do, quick, and which then encourages you to continue with daily tasks more easily.

Based on all these studies, making your bed:

  • is a guarantee of health
  • provides ego-boosting satisfaction
  • improves everyday life
  • increases productivity and happiness
  • provides a sense of immediate accomplishment

So how can bedding make you perform better in crossfit?

A good habit which generates new ones

This habit to take is simple, and super fast! It will not take you more than 2 minutes each morning … A positive change in your daily life that will potentially be able to generate several more: like motivating yourself to go to your crossfit session.

Positive thinking

This first morning gesture will create in you a series of small, simple successes, induced by positive thoughts, throughout the day. There is no doubt that this winning spirit and good humor will have an impact on your crossfit session.

Small goal will become big

As we know, it is very important to move forward in life, to set goals to try to achieve them, or in any case to do everything to! Making your bed in the morning is the first goal of the day that you set for yourself. So, of course, there is more difficult as a goal, we agree. But precisely, the fact of reaching it, so quickly and simply, will generate self-satisfaction, which we will try to seek, again and again … So, unconsciously, there is a great chance that you will be more demanding with yourself to succeed in your crossfit session, and reach your goal.

The desire to take care of yourself

What also emerges from studies on the subject is that people who make their beds tend to eat healthier, go to the doctor more often, and take more care of themselves. With a healthy lifestyle, the results of your crossfit sessions will only be better, that’s for sure.

Throw yourself in bed after the session

You won’t say the opposite: at the end of a good crossfit session, it is not uncommon to visualize this pattern: shower / dough / sleep! And it’s still much more motivating to have a well-made bed waiting for you to recover from our session than a disturbed bed.

You will accomplish your session in a serene, peaceful mind, and you will know that your bed is waiting for you for a good night’s sleep. The session will only get better, we assure you.

A little thing that takes less than a minute can change a day … And we just saw that it can have a positive influence on your crossfit sessions, or sports in general. So, it makes you want to change your habits, doesn’t it? Anyway, it doesn’t hurt to try!

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