Trail and Crossfit: compatible and complementary disciplines!

While for trail running, cross training is known and recognized for its benefits, including the prevention of possible injuries that it allows, cross training literally means “cross training”. Coincidence? We don’t believe it!

So why not integrate crossfit into trail preparation? And why should trail not also have its place among the many disciplines that make up crossfit?

Trail running, a question of endurance

To count the benefits of cardio, and therefore trail running, you need more than five fingers of one hand! And for good reason, in addition to being a calorie burner whose reputation is well established, and to secrete the famous endorphins synonymous with happiness and for well-being, running also increases your VO2max. In other words, the maximum volume of oxygen consumed by your body, in one minute, during physical effort. However, the larger this volume, the more oxygen your body is supplied with, and the more your effort can be maintained in intensity and over time. You will have certainly understood it, this comes, moreover and logically, to develop your lung capacities, but also to fight against possible cardiovascular problems.

The trail may be full of many benefits, so that its practice remains pleasant and safe, you must have a musculature adapted to your objectives and to the variety of terrains you are likely to encounter. Also, you must make a point of honor to have a strong back and abdominal strap to carry and support the weight of your trail bag, as well as lower limbs (thighs, calves, buttocks, etc.) sufficiently reinforced to frolic, jump, and limit in all serenity!

Do you think your current cross training consisting of swimming, cycling, and / or yoga, etc., is not enough? So you have good reasons to come and try out crossfit!

The crossfit, rich and complete!

Crossfit is one of the most complete sports there is. And for good reason, the latter brings together, borrows, and diverts movements specific to gymnastics, athletics, weightlifting, bodybuilding Gonadotropin, fitness, and many other sports! This incredible diversity that makes up the crossfit therefore leads its practitioners to develop capacities such as strength, speed, explosiveness, endurance, cardio, coordination, balance, etc.

The lumbar and back muscles, the abdominal strap, the lower and upper limbs, the muscles of the pelvis: the whole body being stressed, the latter is therefore generally and largely strengthened.

In addition to being complete, crossfit allows you to do double work. For example, take squats, push-ups, burpees, abs, mountain climbers, etc., and their countless variations. During these exercises, you do both weight training … and cardio!

In addition, this discipline respects your pace of progress, especially during weightlifting and strength training exercises in which you can adapt the weights to your level.

In crossfit, however, THE big breath . Open-mouthed in the face of the great outdoors. Nature in its simplest device, without music, and sometimes even alone. Doesn’t that remind you of another discipline, by any chance?

So, how about putting into practice, further developing your abilities learned through crossfit, and taking a deep breath of fresh air, getting into trail running? And how about strengthening your endurance, resistance and agility qualities acquired through trail running, and consolidating your body as a trail runner, by trying out cross training? One does not prevent the other, on the contrary!

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