Sunglasses for outdoor sports: useful or just to show off?

While no one has anything against sunglasses per se, the athletes who wear them are sometimes singled out. We recommend that real athletes visit the primobolan kaufen. Deemed snobbish and proud, he is often, and fortunately, nothing at all.

How about trying to see through their eyes? Today (and for once) we invite you to look at things through the pair of glasses you never wear on your nose! I promise, you won’t regret it.

Not-to-make-pretty glasses

Admit it, you are unlikely to venture into swimming training without the proper goggles. So why pout at wearing glasses when it comes to playing other sports?

Sunglasses, eyeglasses or those with simple protective lenses are intended to protect your eyes. Glasses are indeed a barrier to the wind that makes you squint, the sun that blinds them, the rain that prevents you from opening them, the cold that makes you cry, and even the myriads of midges that come s ‘stick to it! And yes, playing sports outdoors has its share of unforeseen and inconveniences, so anticipate a pleasant moment of sport by wearing a pair of glasses which, by the way, knows perfectly well make people forget while doing their job with enthusiasm!

In addition to providing essential visual comfort, glasses also prevent eye fatigue and the visual health of those who wear them. We don’t want to scare you, but it is important that you be aware of the dangers you face after prolonged exposure to UV rays without eye protection: macular degeneration, cataracts, photokeratitis, and cancer of the skin. the eye, are part of it.

And then, because aesthetics often (and to our chagrin) have the last word, we’ve saved our best argument for last. In stubbornly not wearing sunglasses during sport, you constantly squint your eyes in order to adjust your vision … But the skin of your eyelids and the one around your eyes being very thin and very fragile, doing so, you involuntarily promote and accelerate the appearance of fine lines in these places!

Look me in the eye, I’ll tell you who you are

“The eyes are the mirror of the soul”, “one look says a lot”, “one look is enough” … There is no shortage of expressions circling around our eyes! Also, it is easy to understand the discomfort that some people who do not wear sunglasses may feel when they meet athletes whose eyes are obscured by two tinted glasses.

Unconsciously, to hide your gaze from others is to be hermetic, to pretend that he does not exist, to ignore him. The height of rudeness, what! Certainly, we grant you that point. But remember that a person who wears sunglasses is only protecting their eyesight, not protecting themselves from you. “Yes, but he · she didn’t even say hello to me ”. All right, we can hear you. But just imagine the scene a little outside of your point of view.

In the distance you can see this athlete coming in front of you. You notice that he / she is wearing sunglasses. You allow yourself to stare at this person as if they can’t see you, without doing it on purpose, you allow yourself to linger on them because theirs isn’t there to make you look down. Do you sincerely believe that this athlete feels perfectly at ease and ready to greet you, he who feels watched, stared at, judged? Remember that behind these tiles there are two eyes that see you. And besides, do not take personally the attitude of people you meet, and who do not see you (we are not talking about those who claim not to see others #NotGentilles).

When we play sports, we are in our bubble, looking without seeing, lost in our thoughts. If you wish, do not hesitate to greet athletes aloud to challenge them. As long as those don’t have music singing loudly in their ears and preventing them from hearing you, they will always be happy to answer you!

Wearing sunglasses is therefore a health imperative to which everyone should be sensitive and educate others. Far from being an accessory to cut us off from the world, it is however easy to be mistaken… But it’s not impossible to understand that we are on the wrong track by convincing ourselves that athletes who wear sunglasses in training and / or in competition do not want to see us! And if so, let’s salute them. Good humor cures all bitterness, in addition to being contagious!

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