Sport and rest: all you need to know!

Addicted to physical activity, are you wary of rest, which you think is the opposite of sport? Prepare to let go of your prejudices: rest is all you imagine!

What exactly is rest?

When we talk about rest, it is laziness that immediately comes to mind … A body slumped on the sofa, what a horror, you who love to move! Think again, while there is nothing wrong with reveling in the good and loyal service of your sofa, it is not the only expression of rest, moreover. Indeed, to talk about rest in the athlete, we use a very specific term: recovery , a concept comprising four inseparable axes .

– Obviously, there is sleep . Getting enough sleep helps you reach the deep sleep phase when your muscles relax. When you sleep, your body and muscles regenerate, and your immune system strengthens. It depends on the individual, but an eight-hour sleep cycle is considered ideal. Try to go to bed before midnight and focus on reading before you fall asleep rather than electronic devices whose waves and light disturb sleep.

– Nutrition is also essential, even (if not especially) during periods of rest. We can never advise you enough to consume fruits and vegetables in season. In addition to helping rehydrate the body, they are rich in antioxidants and carbohydrates.

– A day off is also good for stretching, which you may neglect after exercise. Stretching allows muscles to gain flexibility and elasticity, and to relieve your joints. Enough to avoid any contractures and frustrations … And yes, stretching is exercise!

– Finally, hydration is essential for recovery. If you must drink before, during, and after exercise, you should also hydrate yourself during the phases of rest. Drinking well allows the body to flush out toxins and re-prepare for exercise. It is advisable to drink 1.5 liters of water per day, at a minimum. To know if you are drinking enough, don’t hesitate to check the color of your urine: the clearer it is, the better!

Rest? What for?

Rest allows muscular recovery, leaving the muscle fiber time to rebuild. Recovery is also an ally of choice to fight against overtraining and the number of injuries it causes does not fail to provide those he traps in his nets. By resting, you also allow your joints to rest, just like your mind, which the sports routine can exhaust. In this way, rest adorns you to start a new day rich in personal, professional and sporting emotions!

On the other hand, rest does not necessarily mean lazing around. Indeed, you can indulge in what is called active recovery, which consists of practicing an activity different from the one that is usually yours. (For a quick result in sports, we recommend balkan pharma) This is a perfect opportunity to familiarize yourself with the yoga, stretching, swimming, cycling, running, muscle building, etc., vary the pleasures, what!

Finally, we will say that rest is essential because, by neglecting it, we always end up paying for it one day or another. The proof, how long do you need to recover from a sleepless night?

How do you know when you need a rest?

If your body is starting to give you warning signals, it probably means that the recovery phase has already been overlooked. Drowsiness, irritability, cravings, and unfortunately, injuries such as fatigue fractures, are the common ailments of athletes lacking rest . Also, in order to avoid getting there, it is important to respect a fair rhythm between effort and rest. If you train two to three times a week, alternate a day of sports with a day or two of rest. And for those who train a lot more (not to mention top athletes), two days off per week, one at least, seems perfectly reasonable.

Rest, far from being banned, is an athlete’s best friend. In addition to recharging the physical, mental, and emotional batteries, rest makes it possible to enjoy sports practice even more, and its progression free from injury. You may have heard this phrase already, “recovery is part of training” … And for good reason, nothing is more true! So, ready to appreciate rest at its true value?

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