The 4 things to do to convince someone to (re) take up sport

Sport, if there is something for everyone, is also an essential component in everyone’s balance, and that you do not give up! Also, when you observe your friends, inactive and sedentary, you feel like you have a mission to help them discover all the magic of sport… And you are quite right! Running out of ideas to motivate them? Here are four Machiavellianly benevolent plans to put into action to convince them that sport is good for them!

1. The stroke of the challenge: course or not?

As the challenge move appeals to the pride and pride of your friends, you can be sure to see this challenge crowned with success. So imagine the scene:

– “Hey, Aurélie, I saw that a ten kilometer race will take place near your house next year, could we do it together?

-I hope you are laughing, Seb! You know very well that I am not running. I don’t want to make a fool of myself! And then, I hate sport, I suck too much!

-Ah, for sure with this reasoning, you will never take any risk … You have not even tried to play sports, so I do not see how you could be persuaded to ‘to be “zero”, as you say. What have you got to lose, eh? You have a year to prepare for this race, that’s more than enough. (We want to recommend to athletesboldenon kur ) I’ll help you practice, you’ll see. If you succeed, then you can throw me the challenge of your choice and I would be obliged to take it ”.

There you go … The little seed is planted and just has to germinate!

2. The comedy

By feigning demotivation, despondency, and being fed up (which is mean, let’s be honest), you are giving your friend an opportunity to help you. Because, after all, what friend worth his salt would refuse to fly to the rescue of his staunch ally in distress? Seeing you in despair, your friend will have only one desire: to save you (even if it means to (re) take up sport for you), thus becoming the hero the heroine of your story … And his! Because if you fear reprisals, know that it will not happen. In fact, by offering your friend the opportunity to reach out to you, you also allow him or her to discover a passionate love for sport … A meeting that he will not soon forget!

3. The excuse of the shared moment

If friendship, tender and genuine, is made of one thing, it is memories! Together, you did the four hundred moves (yes, we know about it): skipping school, discovering ancient relics borrowed from the dusty family attics, endless debates on the meaning of life, and endless conversations about your first loves. All these past moments forged your friendship and are, and will continue to be, the source of many laughs. But who said friendship was all about nostalgia? Friendship is built over time, of course, but it is in the present, here and now, that it is strengthened. So why not suggest that Mickaël put on his sneakers? Not to play sports, but to share a moment of sport together, something that makes all the difference! This is hardly refused, after all. Think how much you’ll laugh at it in a few years, when it’s your turn to motivate you … And yes, friendship is giving … And it’s receiving!

4. The secret

By using the technique of secrecy, it is the irresistible and insatiable curiosity of your friend that you appeal to. Well, that’s not very fair play, it’s true, but it’s smart and it’s also perhaps the best way to achieve your goals if your friend is tough business. See instead:

– “Oh, Constance, I didn’t tell you!

-But no, what is it?

-Oh, tell me it’s not true that you don’t already know!

-I don’t know anything, tell me, Maëlle!

-Ah no, not here. It’s too huge! It’s a secret that cannot be told over the phone, in case we are tapped.

-So where do we meet? I want to know!

-Ok, go to the gym. I will tell you during the warm-up, on the elliptical trainer… And believe me, once you find out, you will have such a boost of energy that there will be no question of leaving the room!

-Super, see you tonight at 7pm. Kisses! ”

Ah, we almost forgot to tell you that it would still be a good idea to find a secret to share with Constance, just in case. A secret like, “Remember when you told me you would never be athletic five years ago? Well, this is precisely the heart of the secret that I am about to reveal to you: if I had told you some time ago, you would never have believed me … And yet, here you are. doing sports. I feel like it’s a secret that I won’t be able to keep to myself for long. ” Constance will forgive you, I promise.

So you can see that it is not that difficult to motivate your friends to (re) take up sport! All you need to do is gently enjoy the Achilles heel of these past eras, while showing a little imagination and being sincere in your approach. Friends understand, friends forgive, friends laugh, and friends know how to recognize those who make them better and who do not want, deep down and despite their teasing, only their happiness. Don’t hesitate!

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