What does the smell of sweat reveal about us?

Where does sweat and its smell come from? Why do we sweat? Why do some people sweat more than others? Sweat may be our common lot, but this universal bodily phenomenon remains a mystery to most of us. So that would tempt you to learn more about it, right?

Where does sweat come from?

The sweat glands, also called sweat glands, secrete perspiration. There are two types of sweat glands: eccrine glands and apocrine glands.

The eccrine glands, found in the feet, hands, groin, and armpits, among others, produce an odorless, water-based, salt-based sweat.

The apocrine glands, active from puberty, are concentrated in the armpits, nipples, and genitals. These produce an odorless milky sweat made up of proteins, sebum, and fatty acids: nutrients that bacteria are particularly fried in. It is the contact of bacteria on the sweat that creates the bad smell of perspiration. You may be surprised to learn that it is not the sweat itself that smells bad, but the presence of bacteria on it.

Why do we sweat?

Sweating is a natural process allowing the body to ensure its thermoregulation (37 °), and to eliminate its toxins . So do not be ashamed, since this phenomenon demonstrates the good functioning of your body!

The bad smell of sweat can, however, make the person who secretes it uncomfortable with himself, and others. Also, know that the smell of your sweat is not inevitable. This can be due to poor personal hygiene, hence the importance of washing yourself to flush out bacteria. A diet rich in animal protein, spices (curry and cumin, in particular), lemon, garlic, and onion, can also cause smelly sweating. Strong emotion, or even stress, can be the cause of excessive sweating *. Finally, it is important to specify that synthetic materials are disposed to the development of bacteria.

* Excessive sweating can be considered a disease: hyperhidrosis. If in doubt, consult your doctor.

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How to limit bad smells?

To limit bad smells, there are many remedies and actions to adopt.

Hygiene is a determining factor when it comes to bad smells. Also, make a point of washing yourself, especially after sports!

Among all the benefits they provide, fruits also reduce the smell of perspiration. So you have no more excuses not to eat every day!

Relaxing as much as possible on a daily basis is essential to avoid unnecessary sweat baths. Yoga and meditation, in addition to all the other sports that allow you to physically let off steam and emotionally unload you, can help you calm down.

As we told you previously, synthetic materials are conducive to the development of bacteria, prefer natural fibers like cotton, for example.

The feet are particularly affected by bad odors (thank you bacteria and other fungi!). We therefore advise you to be barefoot whenever possible. Changing socks every day, and not wearing your shoes too tight can also help.

As for sanitizers, there are natural grandmother’s remedies such as alum stone, aloe vera, sage leaf infusion, talcum powder, baking soda, etc.

If you have limited power over your sweat, when it comes to bad smells, you have your say! In general, a good hygiene of life (body and food) should be enough for you to avoid any inconvenience. Otherwise, you know what you have to do *;)!

* Do not hesitate to ask your doctor for advice.

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